Welcome to the Fallout Inspired wikia General Discussion page.

Here we hope to hear from you, the members who are fan enough to want to make a difference.

We are dedicated to making this Fallout series site as all inclusive as we possibly can and we feel it all begins with you. You the members are our reason to be here. Please help us to help you? Open a discussion. Ask questions or offer advice.

Subjects of interest are not limited to these topics but just as an example we'd like your feed back on these and by all means, please do feel free to pose any relative topics we might have missed.

  • How can we all better participate in the fan fiction / art projects?
  • How could we better make use of templates, over all page design and or navigation?
  • Do you have favorite Fallout game series tips, tricks, strategies or useful game codes ?
  • What do you want to see here at the Fallout Inspired wikia ?
VBTinyLevi_Kain Just happy to be here !' 07:55, March 2, 2012 (UTC)